...sometimes, all is wrong...

Curious, you head over to the general area you heard the snort and come to a slight break in the tall grass; an indication that something has come through here and gone back the same way. Feeling a bit adventurous, you follow the break trail, wandering farther and farther away from the main path and deeper into....into what? A jungle? A cave? Who knows...

After a while, you finally come to a clearing of a sort with large rocks forming all around, probably another spring. Looking straight ahead, you can see a forest starting nearby that stretches to the horizon, which is now getting brighter as evening draws near. In overal, though, this place is similar to the main hotspring location. Just...smaller and more issolated, great place to inhabit if you want to be alone.

Birds that were at the forest's entrance pecking at various insects suddenly burst from the ground and fly away in a mass, panicked. You jump at the sudden movement and watch the birds fly away, a couple feathers falling to the ground where carcasses lie, unfinished. You scratch your head, wondering what could have disturbed them so much.

Your question didn't go un-answered for very long. Soon after the flight of birds, a faint scratching sound is heard. A shadowed form appears by the trees, stooped low to the ground dragging something that looks like a body. The body moves slowly, inch by inch, scraping the ground and tainting it red, a smeer. When the forms hit light, you gasp in shock when you see a samanayr dragging a rodent by its throat, much too mangled to even recognize what it was. Why is the samanayr doing this? Weren't they herbivores?


The samanayr is rather stocky in build and seems to be a bit larger than per the norm, and all aspects of him are...fuzzy. His white coat, now stained in blood, is fuzzy, his red mane is fuzzy, his red horse-tail is fuzzy, and even his ears are fuzzy. You blink a little and look him over again. From what you've seen, samanayrs have tiny pinned back ears and slender bodies, and those who are long-haired, aren't this fluffed up at all. And his ears...His ears are abnormal. No samanayr has ears like that, not even it if were a mutation. They almost look like...oquiesa ears.

But...from what you've heard...oquiesa eat samanayrs...

The samanayr gives one final tug at the rodent and the body slides forward the rest of the way. The stallion, satisfied with the location, lets go off the neck and hungrily dives his face into the stomach, eating, devouring it. Feeling a bit sick, you take a step back, and accidentally step on a twig, making it snap. He jerks his head up and looks around, eyes wide, nostrils flared, and meat hanging from his muzzle. His eyes meet yours, and all you can see is anger. Anger, misery, and denial. With a snarl, the stallion swallows his chunk of meat and wanders over to you, eyes narrowed.

"What ayre you doing heyre?! You ayre not allowed heyre!!"

You blink. He speaks like a samanayr. He almost looks like a samanayr. But every fiber in your body is screaming he isn't. The stallion growls and jumps forward with much cat-like grace and glares at you from below.

"Get out!!"

"What ARE you?!"

He glares even more, and answers. "...I am the coyryrupt. I am Tainted. I am all that symbolizes chaos and eveyrything wyrong." He hisses out the last word, and before you can say anything about it, a splash is heard. The stallion perks his ears and jumps onto a rock to see what it is. Curious yourself, you peer over aswell.

One of the samanayr mares that you've already seen before, the one called Prismaticmetal~Blaze, sighs happily and swims across the spring, content to be in warm water after a long day. The stallion stares at her, watches her, eyes never leaving her, a crazed expression beginning to form on his face. The mare swims a couple more laps before jumping out, shaking herself free of water, and just leaves, unaware of what she was leaving behind.

He quivers, expression never changing. "...samanayr..meat....the one thing I want...the one thing I cyrave...and yet...must.... not..." He licks his muzzle and jumps off the rock, going back to his kill, completely forgetting about you.

Officially creeped out, you turn around and run away, leaving the stallion, the insanity, behind.

Yes....yes....soon, it'll all be mine....

Name: Tainted
Meaning: N/A
Age: Adult
Gender: Stallion
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Birth Song: N/A
Song: N/A

Samanayrs are made by and (c) to Skysong

Background made by and (c) to Me.